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In the recent world of mobile phones and communicating devices everybody is familiar with two words. One is the new interfacing system introduced in most of the mobile phones popularly known as the 'touch-screen interface'. Another is the new technology introduced namely the 3rd Generation which is better known as 3G.

International Mobile Telecommunications - 2000 better known as 3G is a new method of bit transfer or data transfer between communicating devices. This became widely popular because it can provide a peak data transfer rate of 200 kbits/sec. Yes..!! Thats too good to be true.

Now we have seen all mobile phone technologies like the UMTS, Code division multiple access(CDMA), GSM etc., but the 3G which has just arrived in the market is expected to dominate the market in the near future. While the earlier technologies use some kind of spread specturum technology like the Frequency Hop Spread Spectrum or the Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum 3G is something new and the mobile phone companies have started using this in their latest mobile phone models.

With a data transfer rate which is faster than almost all other data transfer methods, just imagine the applications. Yes, it can be used for viewing videos that can be streamed faster over the network which makes it usable for various applications like face-to-face calling, mobile internet, mobile TV,etc., and it is certainly a breakthrough in the field of mobile technologies.

Though many companies have released 3G in India before, the release of 3G services by Tata Docomo is widely expected because of its lower prices and higher or unparalled performance.

So, Folks just thing of the world when 3G becomes widely available..

Many applications can be created to make man just lazier and lazier. For example, this automated driving system. There will be almost no death-accidents on this planet when such a system comes into place.

3G Life in the education field:

The education field will be revolutionised when 3G comes into this field. The students can attend a live class taking place in another country thousands of miles away from the comfort of their class rooms. And what's more..!! you could even ask questions and get your doubts clarified..!!

Life will get much easier. Teachers can hold lecture sessions from the comfort of their homes, correct and display answer scripts over the internet and also a lot of study material can be made available to the students. Students in two or more classes can attend the same class at the same time from various places in the world., and the important thing is that students need not carry the traditional 'book bags' to school thereby bringing up a new episode in the school education system in the world.


a day come without there will be not such thing called 2G and 3G may be a defacto for mobile communication :D