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Upgrading RAM We have understood by now, that more memory will enable your computer to work faster. How much memory you need is really a factor of the nature of work that you do on you computer. Two factors are worth considering: the first, that if your computer does not have enough memory, it will run slowly. Conversely, if you computer already has enough memory, then adding more will not necessary enhance performance. In this case, your microprocessor or graphics may be slowing your computer down. Hence, do consider these factors and use common sense while upgrading. That said, since memory chips have become a lot cheaper, it makes sense to install a little more than you anticipate you will need. If you do not have a large enough budget, then of course there is the option of upgrading later.

Upgrading your microprocessor A faster microprocessor means a faster computer, given that the other components (memory, graphics card etc) are up to date. First you need to assess whether it is really your microprocessor that is slowing down your computer. It may be that you have a good microprocessor but a slow graphics card or insufficient memory. On the hand, if your microprocessor is slow, and your other components are relatively efficient, then it would make sense to upgrade the microprocessor. The idea is to achieve a balanced PC in which all the components are relatively equivalent in terms of performance. If you just want more speed, and all your other important components are up to date, then a microprocessor upgrade would well do the job.

Upgrading your graphics card If you are playing hi-tech games and finding that the animation is slow, then your graphics card probably needs to be upgraded. Upgrading the graphics card in such a situation would certainly enhance the speed of your computer. If you work a lot with images and find that it takes time to update, then also the graphics card could do with an upgrade. However, if your word processing or spreadsheet functions have slowed, then your graphics card is not the culprit and upgrading it will not help.


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